Youth Ministries

We love our Youth at Camelback! They have so much energy and enthusiasm that we can barely keep them contained. But with solid leadership from Pastor Mark and our Youth leader Jeff Forgey, our Youth Ministries are thriving. Come, join us and be a part of something awesome!

Sabbath School

  • Family Praise and Worship: All families with kids in Primary, Juniors and Youth/Earliteens classes are invited to join in the Rotunda at 9:15 for a family program before heading to to their classrooms at 10:00 am.
  • Camelback Youth presents Welcome Home - High School-Collegiate Worship and Bible study, fun and friends, in their Newly! Redecorated Quarters in Room 5!

If you need information on any of our Youth programs or would like to help, submit a Contact Form here or speak to one of our leaders. Be sure to specify which area of Youth Ministries you would like to serve in. We are currently in need of Sabbath School teachers. 

Links of Interest

Camelback Youth Ministry Facebook Page- Our vision is to share love to all that we might all become united in Christ.

Arizona SDA Youth


Our plan this year is to focus our efforts on enhancing the Childrens’ Sabbath school Departments. Beginning in October, we will have a “Family Circle Sabbath school”  each Sabbath in the Rotunda. It is intended for all of our youth and families. 

Our hope is to build enthusiasm by providing music, interactive games, skits, videos and talks based upon monthly themes. This will also help relieve some of the pressure from the Sabbath school leaders and feed them spiritual nourishment, as well.

We will be incorporating themes each month. March's theme is “Prayer”. April’s theme is “Rejoicing”. May’s theme is “Evangelizing”. Family and members return to their various Sabbath school classes at the conclusion of the Rotunda service at 10am.


Coming Soon:

Youth and Children's activities we will be offering this year include:

  • Adventurer/Pathfinder group 
  • Family date nights 
  • Game nights
  • Taco night
  • Camping trips
  • Ski trip
  • Spring Beach trip
  • VBS program
  • Please contact Pastor Mark if you any ideas and are willing to get involved in any of the activities:

We look forward to building an exciting youth program together with you at Camelback in the coming years.


Pastor Mark