Young Professionals Ministries

Our young adults are hungry for truth, open to diverse ways of thinking, strong in their faith, and passionate about community. If you desire a closer walk with God and fellowship with like-minded peers, join us for Bible study and worship here at Camelback on Saturday mornings. We'll bring the bagels!

Sabbath School

  • Young Professionals Sabbath School

Mission Projects

If you need information on any of our Young Adult projects, would like to know more about our Sabbath School or would like to serve in one of our YA ministries submit a Contact Form here or speak to one of our leaders. Be sure to specify what area of Young Adult Ministries you would like to serve in. 

Saturday, September 1st: Sabbath School Study
Young Professionals Sabbath School

Where: Education Wing, Room 9 (Ask Greeters for directions) Time: 9:30-10:30 AM 

Links of Interest

New in town and don't know where to start? Looking to connect with a Bible study? Explore events, service projects and data on millennials of faith in the Grand Canyon State on this official website for Young Adult Ministries at the Arizona Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Arizona Young Adults Facebook Page - Arizona SDA Young Adult Group is a tool to connect and inform the AZ young adult community about programs, events, and opportunities for them. Keep in the know so you can be on the go with what is happening for you! This page is supported by the AZ Seventh-day Adventist Church Young Adult Ministries Department.

Friday Night Bible Study Crew - Friday Night Bible Study Crew is a group of people that want to learn what God is all about and how he plans to help humans be a part of his master plan to reach the whole world. Huge task? Definitely! But this is why God is awesome! God doesn't need us to help, he WANTS us to help.