Hands and Feet for Jesus


Our Mission Statement

  • To be coworkers with the great physician in simple acts of kindness, visiting, praying, and lifting up brothers, sisters and shut ins, to Jesus.
  • Sitting with the sick and shut ins at Camelback Church.
  • Visits to read, to listen, share music, praying with and for, and brief activities.
  • At times, supplying a cup of soup and a fresh loaf of bread.
  • Simple house duties: Dishes, straightening up and vacuuming, as person desires.
  • No heavy duty nursing, no meds, no wound treatment, no showers, no bed-making, no lifting of persons requiring help.
  • Hands and Feet for Jesus. Right arm of Jesus’ ministry when on Earth.

Commit your plans and decisions to the Lord and under His guidance you will succeed. ~ Prov. 16:3