Children & Youth Volunteers


All of our volunteers at Camelback are S.T.A.R.S to us and even more precious to God. Their safety, care, and growth are important. The Volunteer Management Coordinator will support children and youth volunteers in the following 4 areas:

Screen- The Volunteer Management Coordinator will work with the AZ conference in making sure each person working with children is properly screened through Verified Volunteers.

Train- The Children/Youth Pastor, and various Children’s and Youth Coordinators will arrange meetings and training to provide growth for the leaders. The Volunteer Management Coordinator will help set up and decorate for meetings for Children/Youth.

Appreciate- The Volunteer Management Coordinator will find out what the love language is of volunteers, find out what their birthdays are and look for ways throughout the year to give appreciation to Story Telling Heroes, and Children and Youth Leaders (Sabbath School, Adventurers, Pathfinders)

Recruit– The Children/Youth Pastor, Children’s Ministries SS Coordinator, and others will recruit volunteers and share those names into the Volunteer Management Coordinator.

Supplies- The Children’s Pastor, Volunteer Management Coordinator, and Children’s SS Coordinator will collaborate in making sure that the children’s and youth volunteers have the proper and adequate supplies necessary for doing ministry effectively.

Volunteer Management Coordinator

Description pending


Ministry Directors

The director will oversee ministry needs and will work with coordinators and leaders in order to promote healthy communication.


Sabbath School Leaders

Studying the word of God gives an opportunity to get to know Him and His character of love. It also sheds light on truths that will help Christians to live a life that will bring us peace, happiness, and glory to God. The leaders will work together on Sabbath morning to lead in a bible study by using resources such as the designated curriculum.


Outreach Coordinators

Serving others is an integral part of being a Christian. It provides a two-fold blessing both for the giver and the receiver. The coordinator will plan outreach and service activities within the church and community with the group. The coordinator will arrange and delegate the details and plans for the outreach activities and outings.


Fellowship Coordinators

Doing fun things together will help to form bonds and friendships. The coordinator will work with the group to plan social activities off and on Camelback campus. The coordinator will arrange and delegate the details and plans for the social activities


Global Mission Coordinator

It’s important for people to understand that the gospel of Jesus Christ should reach people from around the world not just those around them. The coordinator will work to help expose the needs and cultures of others outside of the US. The coordinator can work with the group and mission coordinators from other ministries to support world mission exposure, projects, and or trips. The website can be used as an auxiliary resource.

Verified Volunteer Training

Our volunteer leaders and helpers are some of our greatest assets and we appreciate them very much. If you would like to volunteer to work in Children and Youth Ministries, please the read the  above job descriptions and the following instructions for completing Verified Volunteer training. The requirements and guidelines that we follow will be adhered to without exception. Thank you for your willingness to serve! All volunteers are required to take and pass the Verified Volunteer training before serving in this ministry.

Instructions for taking Verified Volunteer training: