Notes from Cherie O.

June 1, 2018

Good morning, friends!

A message from our Board Chair, Peter Okrah:

We are happy to announce our new Senior Pastor – John Stanton, and his wife, Rochelle.

The Camelback Pastoral Search committee, and Arizona Conference leadership considered approximately a dozen nominees/applicants, from both genders. We appreciate the suggestions from Camelback Church members and visitors. After several meetings, Pastor John Stanton emerged as the leading candidate.

The Search Committee, Conference, and Church Board met with the pastor and his wife for an interview on Monday, May 14. After the interview, the vote was unanimous to ask John and Rochelle to join the Camelback family. They accepted. The Conference Executive Committee agreed. We expect them to begin their Camelback ministry at the beginning of July, with Pastor Stanton’s first sermon to be delivered July 7.

Pastor Stanton comes to us from the Upper Columbia Conference, where he has been the Personal Evangelism and Discipleship Director since 2012.

Thank you, Peter, for this introduction. We realize there are those who were not in attendance on May 19, when the announcement was made to the congregation. We are all grateful to the members of the Search Committee, and the Arizona Conference, for your unwavering efforts throughout this process. We look forward to a long and mutually-blessed relationship!

Tomorrow: Stephen Ministries leaders and ministers will meet at 8:30am for Peer Supervision in Room 1. If anyone reading this is interested in any facet of Stephen Ministries, there is a secure receptacle at the Information Window in the the lobby. Just drop your comment/question in the box, and someone will respond promptly. No Family Praise & Worship - They’re in San Diego for the annual Surf Trip! Sabbath Schools for all other age groups, from newborn to us older folks, taking place in several locations around the facility. They are all listed on the inside cover of your bulletin when you arrive Sabbath morning. For our Spanish-speaking friends, 9:30am in the senior pastor’s office in the main building. We welcome our guest speaker, Pastor John Schachinger, AZ Conference Trust Services & Gift Planning, and Community Services Director, with his morning message entitled, “AMAZED!,” with a scripture reference of John 15:7,8. There will be a church-wide potluck following the worship service. Please bring plenty of your favorite dish(es) to share. Following potluck, at 2:00pm, we hope that many will be able to attend the Memorial Service for Travis Fuller. He was the only Adventist in his family, and it would be a very good thing if we have a good show of support, not to mention the fact that Travis was dearly loved by so many of us. A reception will be held in the Rotunda, following the memorial service. Adventurer & Discovery Clubs will meet in Rooms 3 and 6, respectively, at 2:00pm. And for you Camp Meeting Anthem Choir & Orchestra participants, rehearsal will be 4:00-6:00pm at the Glendale SDA Church.

Just a reminder, I will be gone (and the church office will be closed) from Thursday, June 7 - Friday, June 22, for my annual vacation to Indiana. During part of that time (6-6 thru 6-18), the pastors are away at Camp Meeting. They are available on their cell phones, but please keep in mind that cell coverage at Camp Yavapines is spotty at best. English Camp Meeting is Friday, June 8 - Saturday night, June 16. Hispanic Camp Meeting is Monday, June 18 - Saturday night, June 23. There are English Camp Meeting Main Pavilion Programs available at the Information Window.

Next Sabbath (June 9) and the following (June 16), the Camelback Lower Division (Children’s) Sabbath Schools will be staffed, for those who will not be away at Camp Meeting or elsewhere. On June 9, there will be an adult combined Sabbath School in the sanctuary, facilitated by Skip Farr. Then the worship service from Camp Yavapines (at 11:00) will be downlinked for viewing in the cool and comfort of the sanctuary. On June 16, Sabbath School (9:15) and the Worship Service (11:00) will be downlinked in the sanctuary.

Adventurer & Discovery Clubs will both meet on Sabbath, June 16, 2:00pm, in their respective rooms.

Please keep in mind there will be no guest luncheon or other food service on either Sabbath (6-9 & 6-16) of Camp Meeting.

Sabbath, June 23, Cyiza Music Ministry Behold the Lamb, will have the sermon time during the worship service.

A change to the June calendar that was in the bulletin last Sabbath - Pastor Mark Sulger will be bring us the morning message on June 30, instead of Pastor Melanie Cruz.

That’s all for now, folks. See you tomorrow.

Love, Cherie O