A Message from Cherie

Good evening, friends!

We are so blessed to be living here in the Valley of the Sun, aren’t we? No “Bomb Cyclone’s” for us, just highs in the mid-high 70’s this week!

I trust your New Year’s was as peaceful as you preferred it, or as exciting, whatever suited you best. 2018 stretches out before us. May it be the year we put our best foot forward for Jesus at all times; win someone to Him, shine for His glory and honor, be the example He would have you be!

As we near the starting date for our Discoverer/Adventurer clubs, JoAnn Bloom asked me to include the following in my notes today: "Please submit your children's Discoverer or Adventurer Registration materials no later than January 13. We will not be processing registrations on the January 20 start date. The Adventurer registration form must be accompanied by a notarized medical form. Registration forms can be attached and e-mailed to JoAnn Bloom at joann.bloom1113@gmail.com. If you need registration materials or have questions, please contact JoAnn at (623) 523-2541 or via e-mail. We are also in need of a pianist for the following dates for the Discovery Program: January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21 and May 19 from 2:00-3:30 p.m.”

Friday night (TOMORROW), January 5, our monthly Welcome Home, High School-Collegiate Youth Worship. Open Mic, Fun, Friends, Food and Faith! 6:30pm Food and Games - 7:00pm Worship.


This Sabbath, January 6, be with us for the 1st Sabbath of 2018; it promises to be a lively one, with Family Praise & Worship taking place in Room 8 of the Sabbath School wing, 9:30 -10:00am, with middle-school ministry leading out with music and much more. And of course, don’t forget our High School-Collegiate Youth Welcome Home Sabbath School, 9:30 - 10:30 in Room 5. And, Sabbath Schools for all other age groups, from newborn to us older folks, taking place in many various locations around the facility. Pastor Manny Cruz, AZ Conference Youth and Children’s Ministries Director, will bring us our morning message, entitled, “A New Beginning.” We always look forward to having Manny here as our guest speaker! The worship service will be followed by our Visitor’s Luncheon, and, as always, EVERYONE is welcome, you just need to BRING FOOD.

For our Board members, Monday night, January 8, 7:00pm, Choir Room - first board meeting of 2018.

The Emotionally Damaged Heart/Language of Healing will meet this coming Tuesday (1/9/18) evening at its usual time of 7:00pm in Room 5.

We continue to host two Alcoholic Anonymous meetings per week in the Rotunda; Wednesday & Friday afternoons, Noon - 1:00pm.

The Men’s Small Group Study will meet Wednesday, January 10, 6:00pm in Room 3. There is a “3” on the door, but is in the physical location of what used to be Room 7.

Next Sabbath, January 13, Pastor Mark Sulger will bring us the morning message. And remember, this is Mission Statement Sabbath. Following the worship service and lunch, we will be forming our purpose. All are invited to participate.

Sabbath, January 20, Pastor Melanie Cruz will be our speaker for the worship service. We’ll look forward to her inspiring message. And, later in the evening, at 6:30, the Camelback Concert Series is pleased to bring us Watoto - Signs & Wonders - a Free Concert. A Vibrant Worship Experience - The Sound of a Transformed Generation By a Family of Orphans from Uganda. If you missed them the first time they were here, don’t miss them now!

Just a reminder, the Pathfinder and Discoverer/Adventurer clubs will meet for the first time on Sabbath, January 20. Discoverers/Adventurers 2:00-3:30 and Pathfinders 2:00-4:00. If you need to complete your Verified Volunteers training and background check, or get paperwork turned in, the time is drawing nigh!

Monday, January 22, 2018, the church will meet in Business Session, at 7:00pm, in the Rotunda. We will look at plans for 2018 and vote the proposed budget to underwrite these plans. All are invited to be in attendance.

For you Thunderbird Christian Elementary Board members, your meeting is Monday, January 22, 6:45pm at TCE.

Sabbath, January 27, we’ll have our 1st church-wide potluck of 2018. Please bring plenty of your favorite dish(es) to share, and plan to be a part of this time of fellowship and good food!

Sunday, January 28, the Camelback SDA Women’s Breakfast Club will gather at 4:00 at the home of Diane Bond. And another exciting event happens Sunday, January 28. IT’S PASTOR MELANIE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

In light of upcoming leadership trainings for Arizona women's ministry leaders, AZ Young Women's Experience is collecting financial donations for restaurant gift cards to help our leaders build relationships with younger women and men in their church. Donate to empower the next generation! Send checks to Glendale SDA Church, 6801 North 43rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019 and write "AZ Young W.E." in the memo. Thank you!

Some pianist assistance is being requested for Kindergarten/Cradle Roll Sabbath School. If you could play once or twice a month, it would be a great help. Please contact Sharon Kirby if you are able to help: skirby08@msn.com or 602.717.3462.

A LOT of people are REALLY sick right now; respiratory and flu are running rampant. Please remember those who are ill in your prayers, so they can soon be back among us!

This is all for tonight, my friends! Hope to see a lot of you on Sabbath!

Love, Cherie O