Notes from Cherie O

April 26, 2018

Hello, Camelback members & friends,

Notes will be extremely brief tonight; my apologies. I was called away from church today for several hours with a member emergency, so. . . . .

This Sabbath (April 28): I always look forward to meeting with my Stephen Ministry leaders and ministers. That will be at 8:30am for Peer Supervision and Continuing Education. If anyone reading this is interested in any facet of Stephen Ministries, there is a secure receptacle at the Information Window in the the lobby. Just drop your comment/question in the box, and someone will respond promptly. Family Praise & Worship - Songs, testimonies, scripture, prayer, and more, for the kids and whole family - ROOM 8 - 9:30-9:45am. And, Sabbath Schools for all other age groups, from newborn to us older folks, taking place in several locations around the facility. They are all listed on the inside cover of your bulletin when you arrive Sabbath morning. For our Spanish-speaking friends, a new Sabbath School class is meeting. It begins at 9:30am and is being held in the senior pastor’s office in the main building. Sisters of Grace will lead us in praise, Loma Linda Academy Choir will share special music, and Souls West will share a couple more testimonies at the beginning of Pastor Mark’s sermon time. Pastor Mark will bring us the morning message entitled, “OVERCOMING PREJUDICE,” with scripture references of Acts 10:1-3, 34-36. There will be visitor’s luncheon following the worship service, and as always, EVERYONE is welcome, you just need to BRING FOOD. A big thank you to Room 7, leading out in Visitor’s Lunch this week, as we provide lunch for the Loma Linda Academy Choir. It is always helpful to our great volunteers, if a few who are attending could stay afterward and assist with clean-up.

Sunday (April 29): Elementary School Ministry Event - (For details, contact Stephanie Forgey 602.619.4140 10:30am Tempe Beach Park.

Pleasant dreams!

Love, Cherie O