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I hope that you will decide to participate in this fun ministry of caring and sharing with other sisters in Christ.  I have enjoyed the experience of giving gifts and praying for a fellow church member and or friends of Camelback and hope that you will participate and will enjoy it as well.  Keep in mind that you will need to send items to your secret sister in the mail if you are unable to attend church.

The signup period for secret sisters has been extended until December 20th,  You can fill out the form HERE until December 20th, or you can email Brenda at the email listed in the bulletin to get a form to fill out. You will be given a sister after December 20th, you will be given her  name, and the information contained on the form she filled out for this purpose.  When you are given the name of your secret sister in Dec, you will need to begin to pray for and encourage her with small gifts, cards and similar expressions of caring.  

Here is how the secret sister ministry will work this year.

Any woman age 18 and up can participate in secret sisters. Girls 9-17 can also participate; provided that an adult is responsible for keeping them on track and that they attend Camelback regularly.  The name of the adult must be included on the child’s form.

The 2014-2015 Secret Sister program runs from December through April, with a Revealing Party in early May 2015.

Our theme will be purses and what is in them.  Since your purse is probably one of the most personal things you have, it tells a lot about a person to look at and in their purse. However, do not feel that you have to give only gifts that relate to purses.  The theme is what I will use for my decorations and in the revealing party to personalize the year for you and set it apart from other secret sister years.


1. Know that this is a commitment both for young people and adults.

  • The Sister you are assigned needs your prayers, and other forms of encouragement.  If you are unable to fulfill this commitment, please contact me.

2. Pray for your Secret Sister, remember part of this is a ministry of one woman/girl praying for another.

3. Encourage her.  Send cards, give small gifts, etc. (This should be done at least twice per month). This is not about spending lots of money it is about staying in contact so that the person knows you care.

4. Remember your Secret Sister on her special occasions.

5. Keep her a secret!  Don't let her know who you are!

  • Then, in May, we'll have a Secret Sister Reveal day!

6. Ideas for encouragement:

  • Cards, thoughtful notes, poems, bookmarks, candy, candles, bubblebath, baked goods, a book, a small gift card (to her favorite grocery store, restaurant), anything you make yourself, items you purchase with her in mind, based on her favorite things list.   Look over her questionnaire and or enter information from it on your phone so you have it handy. If you plan to give something that is perishable keep in mind that if your secret sister is not present you will need to retrieve it before you leave the church.

7. How to get things to her:

  • A) Via snail mail, use the address labels provided in your “kit” (if you run out get in touch with the coordinator) for how to address your card/parcel.
  • B) Bring it to church on Sabbath  (Location for items to be announced; since there are several tables already we may have to be flexible).
  • C) Get it to me.

8. If you are able please give an occasional offering to the Secret Sisters ministry on your tithe envelope, write Secret Sisters.

9. Ladies, please, look at this as an opportunity for us to strengthen and grow the prayer and fellowship aspect of our church sisterhood. Thank you for choosing to participate in this important, ministry!

10. VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Anyone NOT hearing from their Secret Sister on a regular basis PLEASE talk to me.   My contact information is in the church directory, or you can always talk to me at the church, or text me.

Brenda Seidel                  


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