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Nov 01 2014

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Nov 08 2014

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Nov 22 2014

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It is truly wonderful that you have decided to participate in this ministry of caring and sharing with other sisters in Christ.  You have will be given a "sister" that you will need to pray for and encourage.  It is so special knowing that there is someone who prays for you daily and is there to send you an encouraging note from time to time!  You are now the instrument that God has placed in her life to give her the encouragement she needs - right when she needs it!  "A word spoken in due season, how good it is!"  Proverbs 15:23.

Robyn Fritsche answered when God called her to re-start the Secret Sister program in 2008 because of the many blessings that she received while being a Secret Sister to Jean Anderson five years prior, in 2003.  From her experience, she knew that it could surely be a ministry of blessings for other women at Camelback.  In 2003, she didn't know very many women at Camelback; she didn't even know Jean, her first Secret Sister!  Then one Sabbath in May of that year, Ed Anderson, Jean's husband, had passed away.  Her Secret Sister had lost her husband!  Robyn was in disbelief.  Immediately she increased the prayers, cards, small gifts, etc., to support her throughout that difficult year. 

Ladies, here is the beauty: By praying and caring for Jean, she was so blessed!  Robyn found it was far better than anything she could possibly have received from whoever had her as a Secret Sister!

Fast forward to 2008.  After a wonderful 2008-09 Secret Sister season, Jean Anderson's place at her table sat empty at the Revealing Party!  Robyn wondered, "Where is my former dear Secret Sister, who was the very inspiration for this ministry?".  She later learned that Jean had suffered a major stroke that morning, and passed to her rest two days later.  While she waits to reunite with Jean at the Heavenly Banquet with our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Robyn was so thankful she met Jean and could be a part her life. 

As Tricia Nieva continues the tradition this year, it is also her deepest hope that you, too, may be blessed with new friendships, inspiration, and a renewed feeling of God's love through the Secret Sisters ministry.

Your Sisters in Christ


1. Click here to fill out an Information Survey.*

2. Please review the GUIDELINES below.

3. Click here to learn more about this year's theme.

4. Click here to see PHOTOS/NAMES of this year's participants! (Allan Nieva will be in the lobby on Sabbath take your photo if you haven't yet done so)

5. Click here to see PHOTOS/NAMES of this year's Junior Secret Sister participants! (Allan Nieva will be in the lobbby on Sabbath to take your photo if you haven't yet done so)

6. Click on the links below to view the 'Secret Sister Fun' event photo albums throughout the years.

Secret Sister Fun, 2008-2009

Secret Sister Fun, 2009-2010

Secret Sister Fun, 2010-2011

Secret Sister Fun, 2011-2012

7. Daughters/grandaughters (aged 6-17) of participating women may also join, provided that the adult promises to guide the child. These girls will draw their Secret Sister from a separate basket, designated for ages 6-17, and they will be known as Junior Secret Sisters.

The 2013-2014 Secret Sister program runs from October through March, with a Revealing Party in April 2014.

*An Information Survey must be filled out and submitted in order for you to be paired with a Secret Sister.



1. Know that this is a commitment. 

The Sister you are assigned is expecting you to uphold her in prayer and receive encouragement through thoughtful gestures for the next 6 months (Oct.-March).  If you are unable to fulfill this commitment, please contact me so that your Sister can be reassigned.

2. Uplift your Secret Sister in prayer daily.

Praying daily for her will strengthen YOU, and the blessings to BOTH of you will be immeasurable.

Any new prayer request that YOU yourself have during this 6 months will be forwarded by me to the lady that has YOU for a Secret Sister; if you want more people praying, contact the church prayer chain coordinator.  Remember, this is a ministry of one woman praying for another. 

3. Encourage her. 

Send cards, notes, etc., to her at LEAST once a month (preferably more!) by placing reminders on each month of your calendar.  For the cost of a stamp, you will be brightening her day and reminding her that someone is thinking about her and praying for her needs on a daily basis. 

4. Remember your Secret Sister on her special occassions. 

  • Mark specific dates on your calendar; include her birthday, anniversary, etc., as well as the holidays.
  • If your Secret Sister's birthday should fall outside of Oct.-March, please select any day you wish and "celebrate" her birthday!

5. Keep her a secret!  Don't let her know who you are!

Then, in April, we'll have a FUN Secret Sister Reveal Party! (Bring one last sweet card or small gift to this...)

6. Any new women who join our church during this 6 month period are welcome to become a participant. 

Please contact me.

7. Ideas for encouragement: ANYTHING FROM THE HEART! 

Cards, thoughtful notes, poems, bookmarks, candy, candles, bubblebath, baked goods, a  book, a small gift card (to her favorite grocery store, restaurant,etc.), anything you make yourself.  Review her questionnaire, and remember: it's the thought that counts.

8. How to get things to her:
      A) Via snail mail, click
here for how to address your card/parcel.

      B) Bring it to church on Sabbath and place it on the Secret Sister table.
      C) Leave it in the Secret Sister basket located in the information booth in the vestibule.

9. Please give an occasional offering to the Secret Sisters ministry as the Spirit moves you; on your tithe envelope, write Secret Sisters.

10. After our Revealing Party (April 2014), we will take a break from Secret Sister emails, etc., through September; this will keep the Secret Sister Ministry "fresh" and allow us to anticipate its start-up each October!

Ladies, please, look at this as an opportunity for us to strengthen and grow the prayer and fellowship aspect of our church sisterhood. What better time in our history to know that someone is praying daily and caring for us!

Thank you for choosing to participate in this important, uplifting ministry!  I will send an occassional email reminding you to remember your Sister. 

VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Anyone NOT hearing from their Secret Sister on a regular basis PLEASE contact me.       

Tricia Nieva


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